Dear University Rectors/Chancellors/Leader,

On behalf of Universitas Sebelas Maret, I am pleased to welcome you to the Javanese Cultural Metrics of UNS, jawametrik.uns.ac.id, a metric system for connecting and developing networks among institutions around the world with a great concern and commitment to expand under the official name of UNS Jawametrik.

Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta was founded on March 11, 1976, with a vision “to become the excellent center of development for science, technology, and arts at the international level based on the noble values of national culture”. At the age of 45, UNS is proud to be the pioneer of the metric system for Javanese culture called Jawametrik for the international institutions around the globe. Situated at the heart of Java Island in the center of Javanese Culture in Solo (Surakarta), UNS is committed to developing Javanese culture as one of the main characteristics in every activity to mark its strong unique identity. UNS has Javanese Department, Masters and Doctoral Programs in Javanese, Indonesian Language, and Cultural Studies. Furthermore, since 2020 UNS has gained the promotional status of Javanologi Institute to be the Centre of Excellence for Javanese Traditions under the UNS Rector Decree No. 27A/UN27/KP/2020.

UNS Jawametrik is not merely a measurement. This metric system aims to provide information from various institutions around the world that develop their awareness and concern on Javanese culture. The database derived from UNS Jawametrik will keep the information about centers, activities, research, cultural events, resources, experts, and artifacts on Javanese culture around the world which will potentially facilitate these institutions to connect and collaborate globally.

I believe UNS Jawametrik will significantly contribute to the development of Javanese culture and global culture as well as bring global peace. We are fully aware that the national culture of a nation is built upon peaks of its people’s multiple identities and cultures. With Jawametrik therefore, differences, togetherness, sharing, mutual respect, and support among national cultures can be synergized.

Last but not least, allow me to send my warm regards from UNS, the hometown of Jawametrik and Solo with the Javanese spirit, to all appreciators of Javanese culture from all over the world.


Rector’s UNS,

Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho, S.H., M.Hum.