Vision and Mission



To engrave local wisdom tradition as the ideology of national character development strategy.


  • Realizing a space for Javanese culture thoughts as the main supporting pillars for UNS rooted in the national culture noble values.
  • Improving in-depth studies on Javanese intellectual cultural creations ranging from ideas, mental, social, and artifacts.
  • Discovering the noble values of Javanese culture in the form of scientific communication forums to strengthen, enrich, and colour the noble values of local wisdom in shaping, encouraging, and developing the national character.
  • Improving cultural tradition management by maintaining, researching, developing, empowering, disseminating, and revitalizing the noble values of Javanese culture local wisdom.
  • Building partnership with various elements, state or private, to preserve, educate, and develop Javanese culture.
  • Conducting various motivational and dialogical training and learning on knowledge, skills and Javanese culture noble values for the publics.