Rector’s Welcome

On behalf of Universitas Sebelas Maret, it is my pleasure and privilege to have this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to, UNS Javanese Cultural Metric, a metric system intended to connect and develop networks among institutions around the world with a great concern and commitment to expand.

Having the vision of ”Becoming an Internationally excellent center for the development  of science, technology, and arts; while keeping the noble values of national culture”, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Solo is proud to pioneer Jawametrik metric system for international institutions around the globe. Situating in the heart of Java Island at the center of Javanese culture in Solo (Surakarta), UNS has stood firmly to develop Javanese culture as one of its main colors in academic activities to mark its strong unique identity. UNS has Javanese department since its establishment in 1976 and founded Javanology Institute as a study center on Javanese culture in 2011 to facilitate research, collaboration, cultural events, conferences, seminars, and other academic activities. These have brought UNS to be a university with a high commitment in cultural development, but not limited to, Javanese culture. Initially, UNS held the International Awards Summit on Javanese culture in 2017 as part of its commitments to develop collaboration among cultural experts from many countries, and strengthen the networks to generate a better world’s cultural system.

Jawametrik is not merely a measurement. This metric system aims at providing information of various institutions around the world which develop their concerns on Javanese culture. The database of information derived from the jawametrik will inform about centers, activities, research, cultural events, resources, experts, and artifacts on Javanese culture around the globe that may enable those institutions to connect and collaborate.

I believe that this Jawametrik, UNS Javanese Cultural Metric will provide contribution to the development of Javanese culture, world culture, and world peace. We are aware that the national culture of a nation is built upon peaks of the multiple identities and cultures of its people. Therefore, differences, togetherness, sharing, mutual respects, and mutual supports among cultures of the nation can be synergized.

Finally, allow me to send my warm regards from UNS, the home of Jawametrik and Solo, the spirit of Java, to all Javanese culture appreciators.

Ravik Karsidi