The methodology has been carefully thought out by defining the set of criteria and indicators. The set of criteria has been collected and intensively discussed among Javanese culture experts and some suggestions from international experts to measure the performance of Javanese Cultures at the Universities around the world. The set of criteria consists of nine points, namely: profile of the Javanese studies institution, number of Scholars and Students of Javanese Studies, number of Javanese Studies Research, number of Javanese Literature and Media Collections, number of Javanese Events, number of Javanese Artifact Collections, Javanese values-awareness raising actions and recognition, and Javanese Language use on daily basis. The criteria were then breakdowned into several number of indicators, each indicator is weighted based on its contribution to the total score of Jawametrik metric system. Any critical examination may come up due to the method and the data collection instruments used. However, we welcome any suggestions for improvement.